people with Ukraine flags

During times of conflict and catastrophe it is difficult to know how to help effectively. The NFT Community is rallying together to provide a safe platform that sends donations directly to Ukraine.

Created in Tbilisi, Fund4Ukraine Is an independent platform founded by a group of young activists in order to support the Ukrainian people at this crucial moment in time. All proceeds collected from the sale and re-sale of the NFTs will fund humanitarian help in Ukraine.

This specially-created NFT artwork is an expression of the admirable spirit of the Ukrainian people. All money raised through each purchase of the NFT will be transferred to Ukraine’s National Bank’s ETH wallet, supported and backed by the Ukrainian authorities. Every time an NFT is sold, 100% of the proceeds are transferred automatically to this fund. If the user decides to resell the NFT, this generates a 100% royalty fee, which means the full amount of the sale is re-injected directly into the fund. Blockchain technology allows us to do everything transparently, letting all users track the growth of the fund too.

It’s easy. Purchase your own NFT. You will own the artwork as a trophy of your support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We have created one artwork, which can be owned by an unlimited number of people. Share it with others. Convince them to support the cause. This is how we use art to stop the war.

This NFT has multiple owners. By purchasing it, you join the people standing united with Ukraine during these hard times

0.05 Ξ ($150)
Unite for Ukraine NFT

Minted by Fund4Ukraine

Sold for 11 ETH

Money raised by this NFT will be spent to develop and promote this project. Remaining ETH will be donated to the Ukrainian Government’s Crypto wallet


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